Has anyone resolved the late running bug?


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For years I have put up with having the ends of recorded programmes cut short on my 9300T, as I understood (from reading various forum postings) that it was either inaccurate AR data from the broadcaster, or following programmes in the recording schedule starting before the first recorded programme has ended.

However, increasingly I have seen this happening on programmes from the major broadcasters, when I have had no following programmes scheduled to record. An example is both episodes of the new ITV1 series 'Love and Marriage', which were cut off 2 full minutes before the end of the programme. I had no other programmes scheduled to record after these episodes.

I use a standard (non-modified) 9300T, my local transmitter is Hannington - about 5 miles away and in line-of-sight.
The various forum postings are talking bullshit then.
The 9200 (and presumably the 9300) has bugs which cuts off the start and the end of programmes.
Humax aren't interested. They've had your money.
You have 3 choices:
1) Put up with it
2) Use padding rather than AR
3) Buy something else