Has Anyone Tried Archiving Content Using A Game Recorder?


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Having two HDR FOX T2 recorders, I am used to being able to archive off recordings using USB.

In the absence of this facility on the YouView box, I wondered if one of the recorders you can get to record console games through the HDMI line would work. (People use them to post game play on YouTube etc).

I suspect that there may be some encryption, but I guess only trying it will tell. I don't know anyone who has one of these i can borrow and I £80 plus is a bit steep just to satisfy my curiosity, so I am wondering if anybody else has tried it.

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The issue is going to be HDCP (see the Glossary). The Humax insists on the HDMI negotiating HDCP (which is effectively a digital certificate that the receive end of the link is incapable of recording the traffic). This is at the root of the HDMI problems people have. HDCP is a condition imposed by the copyright holders of the HiDef content.