Has my hummy died ?


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Hi all !

For year now my HDR-FOX T2 has performed perfectly and then to find the customized firmware was a real bonus and have been running that for a year or so. However last night bad picture. So.... I retuned - no change / Reset to defaults - No change / Noted it had updated to new Humax firmware, mmmm reflashed with Humax 1.02.29 no change / Checked all leads - No change. So now I fear its died, unless anyone else has any ideas ? One thing I didn't try was to play a recording. Also the menus display find and iPlayer does until I play back a file.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks all !

Have you tried a complete power-off-at-the-back cold restart?

My guess is that this is a fault in the hardware video decoder, and the only hope I can come up with is that a full restart will load parameters into the hardware that have been lost for some reason.
Oh dear. I think it's probably dead.

Useful for parts, or somebody on here had success obtaining spare parts for DIY repair.

If you bought it new you have two years warranty - if you didn't register your warranty do it now!
As I suspected, I cannot fault it really I bought it after by 9200t so its years old (well over two anyway).
If you have Custom Firmware running, it would be interesting to know if it ever over heated, with Web-If >> Diagnostics >> Hard Disk >> Attributes >> ID 194 >> Worst, If it hasn't overheated I would expect a value between 56 and 60
Ezra, yes good point. I have a new 2000t on its way so will work on it once removed. It shouldn't of over heated as it was in an open space but you never know. I plan to re-install CF and decrypt my recordings and try to get them off the HD, so will run some tests then. Google only seems to find users complaining of a green screen not garbled like mine. Also this unit is 3-4 years old, so not that pleased, HD failure maybe but not board level, but I guess some units have to fail.
I would still ring Humax.. they will sell you the parts to fix it if they have them in stock..
They also might be able to tell you what has failed over the phone based on your screenshots and diagnosis.
Thanks Chris, will give them a call, not parts to it, although I suspect it will be a mainboard. But depending on price might well be worth it.
Okay new 2000t in and working fine, have to say though this one looks and feels cheap. I'm using the HDR-FOX T2 remote as the 2000t remote is rubbish. I like the reduced size and the plug top psu is not so bad, although I bet this will be the first part to fail. I did ring Humax and they offered a repair of the HDR unit at a £110ish price, to supply a replacement mainboard was £118 ! which I thought was a little over the top. Anyway on getting the old box out of the loft I found the unit was 8 months out of warranty and I had purchased it from John Lewis, who also only offered to send it off for repair which I would need to pay for. So all in not impressed with the service from Humax or John Lewis, hence purchasing the 2000t from RicherSounds.