Have jump key durations changed with latest cfw?

Thanks Black Hole. Seems I need to have a think then. I've always used padding since AR didn't seem to be that accurate originally, but perhaps now is the time to try it again and see how it goes. Most of our recording these days is from BBC/ITV/CH4 which I assume would be pretty accurate now.

I did have a brief play with detectads and while it seemed excellent, I was having other issues so removed it again whilst trying to work out what the problem was. Maybe time to reinstall that as well...

I think really I just like 'playing' :)

Thanks again

My notifications do too. Unfortunately that's the way the ISPs work - if their filters decide certain email traffic is spam, they share that around and it's very difficult getting particular emails recognised as "not spam". I routinely patrol the forums I am interested in looking for new posts myself, rather than rely on alerts.
Further to this, I have told my email web browser interface that the emails are not spam (not an available option via the iOS email app), and the alerts are now arriving in my inbox.