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Having trouble configuring WIFI on FOX T2


New Member

I am trying to link up my newly aquired FOX T2 box so that I can stream programs from my HDR-FOX T2 box.

I have bought an Edimax EW7711UAn usb wifi adapter (which I was told would work as it has the same chipset as the humax one but at 1/3 of the price).

When I plug in it and go to the menu, the configure wifi option is enabled, however, when I put in the configuration i.e. SSID, WPA2 and password, it comes up with a 'Password does not match' error.

The credentials I put in are correct because I also have a Wii, PS3, laptop etc.. already connected using the same credentials.

Any ideas? Could this be a bug?


New Member
Solved it. My password had a ' (apostrophe) in it. I changed the password (removed the apostrophe) and it now connects.