HD Channels breaking up on new box


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I received a replacement HDR Fox T2 on Monday from Humax but all the HD channels intermittently keep breaking up, I am getting a good signal strength of 61% but the quality keeps fluctuating fron 100% down to 10% on all HD channels, normal channels are fine 61% with constant 100% quality,I have tried changing the HDMI leads,tried a manual tune and even tried a different aerial.The old box worked fine and had a unrelated problem and nothing has been added or changed in my set up or any new equipment in my house. I have noticed that the HDMI port is not as tight a fit as the old one. Has anyone else had this problem or suggest a solution please, I would like to avoid taking another day off to wait for yet another new box to arrive,
Just tuned in the second replacement box, HDMI was a nice snug fit this time and all HD channels are working perfectly.