HD Channels often not showing in WebIf EPG



over the last month if often gone into the WebIf to schedule a recording and found one or more of the HD channels are not listed in the EPG. They are shown in the Channel Info option in diagnostics, and the channels are there and watchable! Pre-scheduled recordings are still made. It just seems to be that the EPG has 'forgotten' about the channels. Sometimes a reboot will fix, but not always.

Anyone else seen this?

This is a query about WebIF not RS.

The WebIF EPG will not be able to populate the data if the data is not available on the screen EPG, for example when the box has just been turned on and is tuned to a non-BBC multiplex (so the BBC HD data is low priority in the transmission cycle).
HDR is left on all the time - usually on BBC1-HD. Only time it gets rebooted is when the Web-If scheduler requests it (I tend to use the Web-If to set recordings) so it seems odd that it's now loosing EPG data for HD channels. Next time it happens I'll check the on screen guide and see if it's populated.