HD-FOX "Loses" Hard Drive

Black Hole

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This sometimes happens with my HD-FOX + USB HDD set-up, "just one of those things" really but flagging it up to see how common the experience is.

I might be playing a recording, when the HDD drops out and an on-screen warning appears that the USB storage has been disconnected and files might be damaged. Reseating the USB and rebooting (to get the CF up and running again) is sometimes enough, but occasionally I have to do a full power cycle to get it back up (and as the HD-FOX has no power switch, that means unplugging at the wall).


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Normally only happens for me if cables are being tweaked, or if the power supply to the disk is marginal, which for a 2.5" USB enclosure can be solved with a powered hub that can also host a WiFi dongle. Maybe closing up the USB plug shield slightly would ensure a more consistent connection.