hd fox t2 and a usb dongle



hd fox t2 and a usb dongle


Does anyone who has the hd fox t2 (not the hdr) use a dongle for the recording/pause feature?

I had a 250 lacie drive attached to mine however i never really recorded anything as i have a tv dongle for my mac and record programs on there to watch on appletv, i only ever really used it to pause when making a cup of tea!
so ive flashed my appletv and am using the lacie drive on there now
what i would like to do is use a 4gb dongle for pausability on the humax
i have tried one of my dongles formatted to ext3 and fat32 but it will not accept it in the settings (sees it and will format it in humax menu but will not use it)
has anyone used this type of setup? if so and it works could you post your method (cheers)
is 4gb too small? im kind of thinking it is

thanks for any replies
Re: hd fox t2 and a usb dongle

I don't have one but pretty sure it has to be larger than 20GB because the recording buffer for time shifting uses this much storage. This effectively means a usb hdd is required.
Re: hd fox t2 and a usb dongle


I have a 20gb hd from laptop ill try that tonight