Hd fox T2 cust firmware web if usb help


I've got a hdr fox t2 set up on cust firmware, web if, linked to folders on our laptops working great. Ive just managed to get a hd fox t2 from ebay. What I've done so far...
1. loaded original humax firmware 1.02.29
2. Loaded custom firmware 1.02.29_mod_2.15
When the box boots up, FW 2.15 is displayed on the front panel
3. Connected box to the internet via ethernet (shows internet connected in menu-internet settings, displays ip address and tv portal loads ok)
4. Tried to format a usb to ext2 but when telnetting, all my usb's show as unsuitable for format/conversion. Also tried using minitool partitian wizard via laptop but doesnt seem to recognise it. When pressing media- storage only network shows up.

When I put the ip address of the box into my computer( on same network ) the page doesnt load. Does the usb need to be setup before the webif will work?
My usb sizes ive tried are.. 2gb, 8gb, 16gb, 32gb.

Ariel connected and full channels available.

Any help kindly appreciated.

Does the usb need to be setup before the webif will work?

Yes (future CFW versions will at least show a more helpful error message).

Have you set up the USB disk ready for the conversion before trying the process over telnet? You need to make sure it is formatted with the FAT filesystem before you start.

Can you post the output of the ext2ready diagnostic? You can do that from the telnet menu by choosing the diag option.
Out of interest, do you tend to leave the main humax box(HDR) on all the time? I see it has to be on to access the recorded programmes from the hd fox upstairs. I had left it on when I went to bed but it turned itself off during the night!