HD-FOX T2 - Graded


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I noticed that Humax Direct have 'graded' HD Foxes back in stock (£75 incl. delivery) and as my model is getting a bit long in the tooth, and is suffering from an annoying flickering clock display problem, I ordered one. Within about ten minutes of getting it set up for basic (non-customised) operation the signal dropped out across all muxes. If I bypassed the unit, the signal on the TV was fine. I could only get the unit to work properly by doing a cold restart. The problem has persisted so it is clearly faulty and is going back. On close inspection, the white barcode label on the motherboard (which can be seen through the grille) is discoloured, suggesting extensive operation, and the back panel round the HDMI and USB sockets is quite scratched and is even coloured in with black marker pen in places! Assuming the serial numbers to be sequential, the unit is older than the one it was intended to replace: making it about 3 years old! I know that the 'graded' boxes aren't brand new but are supposed to be 'as new'. I think that sending me a 3 year old faulty HD Fox is taking the piss; or do I have unrealistic expectations?
To be fair to Humax, they were rather apologetic and have already sent me a replacement unit. This one is clearly new and is working perfectly so far.