HD Fox-T2 Latest FW - KZTFT 1.02.32



Just received a Humax Direct HD Fox-T2 and it arrived with FW - KZTFT 1.02.32 : 15-JAN 2013

Can't find anywhere to download this version for the HD STB so wondering what to do about custom FW and the unlikely event that I wish to revert to original FW.

Humax haven't provided that firmware version as a download or OTA so at present there is no CFW version for it. To install CFW on the HD you have to choose an earlier version and will not be able to revert to 1.02.32 until Humax publish it somewhere.
Thanks - Thought that would be the case.

I take it they will publish it at some point . . .

I take it I can install CFW direct eg. CFW 2.14/1.02.29 without installing Standard 1.02.29 first


Probably. af has not had a chance to look at it, but presuming it follows the same development pattern as 1.02.32 for HDR-FOX, 2.14/1.02.29 should be fine. If it bombs out you can patch it up.

Yes - Definitely the HD and the details were taken from the SysInfo before I upgraded to the CFW. I bought the HD from Humax Direct as a Grade A model.

I have the HD networked to my HDR to play files from it.

when I asked Humax for this firmware they say there isn't one only a similar file name for the twin tuner HDR FHTCP1.02.32
Whoever you spoke to at Humax were only aware of the material available on public release (they probably looked at the same web page). petrev had the only HD-FOX we know of that somehow escaped fitted with a pre-release version of 1.02.32 for HD-FOX, but it has since been erased as we do not have a custom firmware to go with it (not being available for inspection).
I have just purchased a graded HD from Humax Direct and it also has the 1.02.32 firmware. Is there a way of copying it before I overwrite it with the latest CF? Is anyone interested in taking a look at it? Let me know.
Hidleho good forum members!

If 1.02.32 is of some value I
just received my grade A HD-FOX-T2 today(direct from humax)
and I too have received a unit fitted with KZTFT 1.02.32 Software
vertical antenna connectors and a
Loader ver 7.27
update date 15 jan 2013
and micom 7.66
af123 tried but unfortunately the method of extracting the latest HDR software didn't work for the HD. Back to the drawing board for now.