HD Fox T2 Skyplayer


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Hi Guys.

Sorry for the novice question, but i'm fed up waiting on Humax to officially release Skyplayer on the T2, so thought i would go down the customised route.

I installed the customised firmware (version 28) but i seem to have fallen at the first fence by
not being able to telnet to the humax box.
the ip address shown is

when i try to connect i recieve connection failed. (i have cat5 through the house going back to a patching box)

can you let me know if there are alternatives to telnet? can i connect directly from laptop to humax?

Basically all i want is skyplayer, is there a quick/easy way of installing this?

Thanks a lot for your time.
the ip address shown is

You have an extra . in the addres you've posted, it will be
(that might be what you've already tried)

Do you see the F2.11 display on the screen when you turn it on? That's the easiest way of telling that the customised firmware is installed.

Do you have a hard disk attached during normal operation?
Thanks for the reply af123

it was a typo above, i meant

"Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 23: Connect failed"

I do see F2.11 when i turn it on, so firmware is successfully installed.

Yes, i have an external hard drisk attached to record.
I would start with some basic comms. tests, If you have a P.C. / Laptop on the same home network, try this, On the P.C. goto START >> RUN << enter cmd and click O.K. in the new window enter ping if you get Request Time Out the ping has failed, if you get Reply from : bytes=32 time=2ms TTL=64 then ping has worked. type the word exit to close the cmd window. if ping fails check using Humax Remote MENU >> Settings >> System >> Internet Settings >> Configure LAN >> Apply = Network Connected
Is it possible to do the update to Customized TV Portal directly rather than via telnet?

What are you playing with Telnet for? You need to put the IP address into the web browser address bar, and then you get the interface to download the rest of the custom software components (you only have the custom firmware so far).
got it sorted thanks. It was because i was connecting from work laptop, i tried again on my own laptop and it worked fine. watching skyplayer now :) thanks for your help