HD playback on Nexus 7 2013?


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I have transferred several programme onto a memory stick. They are TS files

I have attached the memory stick to my nexus using an otg (on the go) cable and installed nexus media importer and any number of video players BSPLAYER MPLAYER etc

The issue that I have is that programs recorded in SD mode playback fine but those recorded in HD won't play at all. The video players just hang with the O circling continuously.

Is it the case that nexus can't play these type of files or am I missing a trick?

I've been searching the net for a couple of days now but can't find a definitive yes or no!

Thanks in advance for any guidance that you may give, imbtsman

Ezra Pound

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All recordings on the HDR Fox T2 are encrypted, SD file are decrypted when copied to a USB flash drive, but Hi-Def recordings are not, it is possible to get the Humax to treat Hi-Def recordings the same as SD recordings by using a utility called Foxy, see the link HERE


If you deal with the encryption issue, you can play them direct off the Humax to the Nexus via DLNA with a suitable client. No need to copy the files.


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I've not had a great deal of success playing HD files on my N7 2013, even after decrypting the files. They usually start off playing OK but after a while start to suffer picture break-up etc. Incidentally, I'm using MX Player but, from memory, I think I've had the same results with VLC. SD files play fine, however.