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HD viewing on SD set

As an experiment, I recorded something in HD recently and played it back on an SD set. It appeared to work.

My question is, would that work for all HD programmes?

The TV will be replaced at some point so I'm wondering whether to record in HD now. I don't want to end up with a programme that cannot be viewed until the set is replaced.


Slightly Pickled
Sure. Record all you wish in HD. The programmes will be stored in HD on the hard drive. As you have already found out, you can watch HD recordings on an SD TV. I assume you are connecting via the SCART lead. When/if you get a HD capable TV, use the HDMI connections on the TV and Hummy and voilà! HD viewing proper.
You might even be seeing and improvement in picture quality anyway as the 'source' recording you make in HD will be of higher resolution the those recorded in SD, even when played back on a non-HD TV.

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
The HDMI down-scales the output to suit the capability of the TV. If it doesn't do it automatically you can use the V Format control to select it manually.

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