hdd needs formatting message


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Hi, pls can anyone advise. I have been running the latest CF for quite some time, but today the Humax popped up with a message that the HDD cannot be used until it is formatted. The CF web interface is no longer accessible. Any advice please?


A good place to start would be to see if you get 'Cust 2.11 or Cust 2.12' displayed on the front display when it it first turned on, this will tell you if the Custom Firmware is present
This happens when something goes wrong with the file system and the HDD gets mounted by the OS as read-only. Don't panic, it can be recovered with recordings intact, the gurus will be along to advise I am sure so sit tight until then. Meanwhile I'll find some references...
This should help HERE (click), but I still recommend holding off until you get specific advice from af123 and/or xyz321 because they definitely know what they are doing.
thanks Ezra and Black Hole - sitting tight!

It won't do any harm to see if you get 'Cust 2.11 or Cust 2.12' displayed on the front display when it it first turned on. Could you also supply the Firmware version you have installed
Ezra / Blackhole, I read thru the the info on the link and have run this. There was cheering from the wife and children when all their recordings were accessible once more. Thanks so much for the quick response, much appreciated.

Ha! You took a gamble I was right. Can't say I would have done!!

It's af123 and xyz321 who deserve the credit, for providing the tools.
Yes, I did and it has gotten me into trouble in the past, but worked out fine this time... Black hole, are, there any docs about the version of linux the hdr-t2 uses, man pages or a list of tools and commands that can be used from a terminal session?
uname will give you some info. on the Linux operationg system e.g.
humax# uname -a
Linux humax 2.6.18-7.1 #1 SMP Sun May 27 00:19:34 KST 2012 7405b0-smp GNU/Linux

As far as commands go, they are mainly contained within Busybox, Documentation in the WiKi HERE
It's a busybox/uClibC operating environment with a Linux kernel underneath.
I strongly suspect the environment was created using buildroot (http://buildroot.uclibc.org/)

The commands which are built into the flash are very minimal - just enough to run the bootstrap and get the Humax software up and running but there is enough for basic interactive use. If you have installed the custom firmware web interface then that will have automatically enhanced the command set with a more complete busybox implementation (the additional commands are listed at http://hummypkg.org.uk/files.html?opk=busybox_1.19.3-3_mipsel.opk&type=hdrfoxt2&set=base)

The busybox command reference is at http://busybox.net/downloads/BusyBox.html but any beginners guide to GNU/Linux would be relevant if you're just starting.