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HDD stopped being recognised


New Member
I've had my HD-FoxT2 for about three months and been using it to record, pause etc with a hard disk drive but last night I had to unplug it and once plugged in again it stopped working. Now the HDD is not being recognised. The HDD itself is showing its red 'on' light which normally flashes when it's working properly but is just solid.When I checked the storage through the menu it just says "no external device is connected".
Can anyone provide any help to get it working again?
Any help gratefully received!
PS On another matter, I have seen reference to a front USB port but I can't see one. Is there one hidden somewhere?

Black Hole

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There is no front USB port on a HD-FOX, something I need to add to the Glossary entry (which I have now done).

Try pressing the reset button (under the flap), and if that doesn't help try taking the power completely off at the wall, wait a while, and then powering up again (cold reboot). If neither of these help, the local Linux experts will have to chip in.


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Thankyou for the replies - will try the cold reboot again but have unplugged it and then plugged in again already without success but I'll leave it longer. As for the USB ports, obviously been mixing up the HD and HDR so thanks for clearing that up!