HDMI cable connection


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Has anyone had problems with the hdmi socket on the Hummy?
all my hd channes are blank and my normal channels can be breaking up but if I wiggle the hdmi cable
I can get decent reception on SD but still blank screens on HD.
when I get it working I have to be very careful as I slide the hummy back into the cabinet as the picture can start breaking up again.

the connection of the HDMI port seems very sloppy !
I have had new cables for about 6 months and this problem only started when the hummy was accidentally moved.

I tried the original cable on it but it wasn't any better which makes me believe it's the socket in the hummy.
Maybe I can buy a new socket and solder it in?

any advice appreciated.

Is your box still under guarantee? if it is, why not get it replaced/repaired by Humax.
Re-soldering the existing socket or replacing with another is going to require quite a lot of dexterity, I would say if you're not familiar with soldering surface mount components you may find it difficult. There are 19 connectors in that 15mm connector ! !
I do think the HDMI connectors are very poor. They never feel as if they are properly in or held, compared to most other a/v connectors, and are easily damaged by 'off centre' force.
Thanks all :)
I used to be able to solder pretty good as it was part of my job but your right some of that surface mounted stuff might be hard now my hands are all shaky :)
I had thought I'd had my hummy at least 3 years but I checked last night and I've not had it two years yet! and I bought it from John Lewis so I think I will be ringing them today.

Thanks again