HDMI fail


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The HDMI output on my trusty T2 HDR has stopped working - I've tried new cables/ different TVs etc so I'm pretty certain it is the PVR, I have also tried re flashing the firmware (latest moded) . The SCRAT out-put is still okay but of course the picture is not as good.
I have flipped the lid on the box to look for obvious problems but can see nothing amiss. Has anyone else come across this problem?
While investigating with the lid off I was surprised at how hot the CPU runs - both contact and infrared measurements shows it at about 62°C (just watching TV) which seems a bit toasty?
Any advice gratefully received!
HDMI failure seems to be a fairly common problem (along with tuner failure). AFAIK there is no known cure (for either).
Have you tried the usual remedies: reboot from power off at the mains; factory reset Menu >> Settings >> Installation >> Factory Default; re-flash the firmware?

If none of those help, you're stuffed (unless you find analogue video acceptable!).
Thanks for replies guys. Yes I've tried all those things - no luck.
Thing is, I'm really happy with the PVR (esp with mod-ed firmware) - it does everything I want. In fact, having looked at the current offerings, I have already ordered another from ebay
(“Brand new boxed. Will come as console only, in a white plain box”) - just hope I'm lucky with this!
I recently advised a friend to buy a second hand HDR Fox T2 when he was looking for a PVR. He asked what was wrong with the current Humax models, to which I answered "if you've got ten minutes or more I'll tell you, otherwise just take my word for it".