HDMI Video only 720p


As the title says, my TV is displaying a message 720p 50hz on my screen for a couple of seconds. I have two T2's. The other one, with the same HDMI lead and input port on the TV shows 1080. I've gone through the settings but I must be missing something. Any idea what setting is wrong?


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I'm agog with trying to work out what that means. 🤣
My take is you press it to get where you want, disassemble the remote, put something non-conductive in the pad for that button, reassemble the remote.

But these remotes are not the easiest to split, so it's not gonna be easy.


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I expect xyz321 was alluding to disabling the button via the ir mapping.
Not having experienced the Fox-T2 and the CF, I did wonder if such a mapping was possible.
FWIW I had a problem with hitting the wrong key on a remote. It was annoying because it crashed the Humax every time. My solution, buy a suitable One4All remote (going cheap at the time) and don't map the button.