HDR 1000s / 1010s Custom Firmware?


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Quick question for the tech buffs out there. These boxes are pretty loaded with features but would be nice to open them up a little. I have an Iderto Cam fitted but will not recognise the cam with out a form of CCCAM Emu running. I noticed Python extensions for the Foxsat T2 will anything become live for this box.

Its running the latest firmware. all the on demand running fine. Just would be nice to scan a complete Sky UK tv channel list and be able to use it like most other twin tuner sky boxes. The quality is great and with the VFD in the front to give the channel name makes it so much more appealing that using a Sky tv box.

Any information on this would be great.
Is there an XBMC - OPK file that can be added to this box. Save having another box. ?
Any cccam 2.1.3 / 2.1.4 - mgcamd cam emulator.

We currently use the HDR 1000s and the Foxsat HDR.