HDR 1000s hard drive problem

Jim Smith

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Hi guys new member here so Hi to everyone :)

After years of financial; abuse from sky I decided to switch to freesat.
I bought one of these receivers 2nd hand and it was delivered today.

Plugged it in and everything seemed to be working fine.

I looked through the recordings and noticed there where quite a few programs still on the system so I deleted them all by using series delete with out any apparent problem.

I then noticed there was an update available so installed this.

I set it to record emmerdale & coronation st for the wife on series record.

I checked to see if it had recorded the first program and it said recording failed.

I looked under recordings & it said disk 100% which I task it means the hd is full.
When I looked under soon to be deleted it said thhere was plenty of space.

I set it to record again on itv+1 and when the program started it said something like not enough disc space to record.

Is there any thing I can do to rectify this or is the hd shot.

Any suggestions please let me know.

Cheers Jim.

P.S I am posting this on several forums to try to get a fast answer so please ignore if you have seen it else where and reasponded.


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I don't own a Freesat box myself, but if I were in your shoes I would let the STB format the HDD and see if it reports any errors.

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There is a utility under Storage to free up space. I have no idea what it does, except it did nothing on my box, which is what I expected it to do.