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HDR 1002S - OSN


New Member
as the OSN 'Orbit Showtime Network' use the HDR 1002S ,,
I tried to find a way to use custom firmware ,, i can't find here ,, also i don't know if its possible to do that
the other thing if i want to move the recorded Playlist to my PC or Ext HD ,, is it possible
hope guys you help me out
Thanks :o_O:

Black Hole

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The custom firmware developed by a few of the members of this forum only applies to HD-FOX T2, HDR-FOX T2, FOXSAT-HD, and FOXSAT-HDR.

This you would know if you had read anything about it.

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
I don't understand what you are talking about. Exactly what did you do to make it not a basic 1002S?


New Member
I think he means that he can not watch the free channels after the OSN subscription had ended.