HDR-1100 any good for non-Freesat use?


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Hoping for some advice please.....
I need to replace my old FTA satellite box. I don't need Freesat as I've already got Freeview on a Humax Fox T2 - which is great so I'd like to go Humax for the satellite box too. So far I haven't been able to find out if the current Humax satellite receivers are good for non-freesat FTA use. I've seen references to a non-freesat mode, and to hidden menus for Diseqc setup, but not enough information to enable me to choose between a Hummy or a dedicated FTA box.

I've got 2 LNBs for two different satellites, with Diseqc switching, so I need that capability.

If anyone can shed more light on Humax abilities for this sort of non-freesat use, I'll be very grateful.