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Im researching alternatives to Sky+HD, as i have the dish and not a terrestrial aerial i think the best option would be freesat and NowTv
I only have a few questions .
-how many channels can you record at once? i have read conflictive info on this.
-does the set top box record when on standby? some reviews say it doesnt and that it needs to remain on
-is there a new model coming out in the near future? id hate to buy a current model and then find out there is a shinny new one out
-how reliable are these boxes? some reviews say they go wrong after some system updates, are these just a very limited number of units?
-any idea if freesat will in the future add more on demand services? both free and subscription?
I have been reading quite a lot and i think im making myself think too much into this, just need reassurance that this is the right way to save money and enjoy the same content that i do now (hence the nowtv)
Thanks everyone in advance.



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Hi Endika - firstly you have posted in the HB1000S thread. This is a single tuner box that records to a usb drive (great for bedrooms). The model you want is the HDR-1100S which is the twin tuner model with a built in hard drive.

1 The box will record two channels at once, however you can also watch and time shift a 3rd channel. The 3rd channel depends on what you are recording. If both from same transponder (eg BBC 1 HD and BBC 2 HD) then any 3rd channel can be viewed. If from different transponders then any channel sharing a transponder with either recording can be viewed. If you have tuned the 3rd channel from the beginning of a programme it can be recorded in it's entirety by pushing the record button after one of the two recordings completes. The recording is created from the time shift buffer file (so effectively recording 3 at the same time).

2 The box will record from sby. If making recordings using accurate recording the box will boot to sby recording mode about 15 mins before the recording is scheduled to start (no video or audio out) but otherwise it's actually booted.

3 Not aware of any new models in the pipeline

4 Some of the second generation boxes have had issues with losing access to the hard disk. Humax have finally tracked down te problem to a specific component found in a few of the boxes. A new box should not have this issue.

5 Not aware of any future on demand or subscription services but that does not mean there aren't some in the pipeline.

You may not need NOW TV as the box comes with the following on Demand Services built in.

BBC iplayer, ITV Player, Four OD, Demand 5, Netflix, wuaki.tv, CURZON Home cinema, hopster. You Tube, STV Player, BBC Sport and BBC News.

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I have been reading quite a lot and i think im making myself think too much into this, just need reassurance that this is the right way to save money and enjoy the same content that i do now (hence the nowtv)
I think Graham has covered all the technical stuff. One advantage of an 1100 over anything that gets released 'nowish' is that it's had most of the bugs ironed out. Early adoption of new technology products, be they cars through phones, can be frustrating.
As to future services ... well, your crystal ball is just as good as anyone else's there. It's as much down to the individual broadcasters as 'Freesat'.

On the 'thinking' just bear in mind that these are pretty cheap ... about £200 for at least 2 years use (Humax 2 yr warranty) and probably 4 or 5 years. Say £50 a year. Compare that to Sky/Virgin.
If you really want cheap then register for emails with Humax as they do occasionally have refurbed boxes for sale - we have a 1010S from that line which has worked fine for over a year now (though to be fair it doesn't get hammered as we have two Freeview boxes as well). However, you'd have to just wait and see, so if it is an imminent decision it'll probably have to be a new one.