HDR-2000T Data storage. Should I see connected devices on my LAN?


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Per the 'subject'. In the manual it states that under 'Data storage' I should see the HDD, any connected USB devices and also 'Network'.

I assumed that any connected DNLA enabled devices should show up under 'Network', but there's nothing.

Am I making the wrong assumption about 'Network'?
No, that's about right - but you need an active DLNA server on your network, not just a client. Experience with HDR-FOX is that servers can take a while to be "found" first time.
Thanks. I have a Synology NAS up and running which other DLNA devices can see, as they do the HRD-2000T, so I'm assuming it (the NAS) is a server.

The HDR-2000T was on for about an hour; I'd have thought it would have learnt about the NAS in that time?
Thought I would add that I purchased a HDR-2000T for my Mother-in-Law yesterday and I updated its software to 1.01.06 which went without a hitch.

I also connected it up to a wireless repeater and I could successfully stream content, both SD & HD from our HDR-Fox T2. It wasn't entirely smooth, but that I think was more due to having it plugged into a repeater rather than using the wireless dongle (didn't want to unwrap the box). I do have Auto-Unprotect installed on the HDR-Fox T2.

The HDR-2000T also showed up the Plex server in my iMac and the Plex server on my other halfs Windows PC.

Hope this helps.
Try rebooting your NAS. My 2000T detects my Win8 PC and tablet, my Win7 netbook and my Iomega NAS. All streaming is smooth (Humax wired to the router through a switch). My NAS has disappeared to new devices once before (though devices that had already detected it seemed OK), not just the Humax, and a reboot solved it straight away. Also, my 2000T does pick up everything immediately. If there is a delay, it is possible that your server device is not sending out ID very frequently I suppose, but we'd be talking a couple of minutes not an hour.