HDR 2000T Picture Problem


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Any ideas anyone ? I have a new 2000T which has replaced my dead fox-t2 which worked fine for 2 1/2 years. The problem I am seeing is a picture 'tear' a couple of inches from the bottom of the picture i.e. a horizontal line left to right, almost like it loses sync for a brief moment. These are random although became more frequent last night. Have tried different HDMI lead and a direct connection the TV with no change ???

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HDMI lead: irrelevant, it either works or it doesn't. What do you mean "direct connection" - are you using an HDMI switch box or something? Probably not relevant. One thing that can affect HDMI is interference to the aerial lead, which breaks up the incoming signal and is obvious as a reception problem.

How do you know whether this problem is the Humax or the TV? Do you have another HDMI source which works fine? When you are sure it's the Humax, it's new so get it replaced.


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Sorry 'direct connection', I have a pioneer receiver so took that out of the equation and connected via a HDMI from hummy to second input on TV - no change. I did tie wrap the aerial leads together to make it neater. I have a PS3 and raspberry PI which are on different inputs but work fine. I think I will get it replaced, as you say its new !.