HDR 500: slow response to remote control


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I've had my Foxsat HDR 500 for a couple of weeks and am really frustrated at how slowly the unit responds to remote buttons in the EPG. I did a search and found a recommendation to press 'Schedule' then 'Red' - but I don't have a 'Schedule' button on my remote (RM-F04).

Software Version: HPRSFCI 1.00.21 Updated: 27 July 2012

Any suggestions?
Did you buy your Foxsat New? as far as I am aware, you have the wrong model remote control.

You should have an RM-F01 remote with the Foxsat, the RM-F04 is for the HD/HDR-FOX T2 boxes.
New(ish) - was a eBay purchase, described as 'new, ex-display', and both the HDR and remote look as though they are brand new.
Yeah, I guessed that. I'll get in touch with the vendor and see if I can get the correct remote. Any ideas what I can do for the time being?
If the vendor can't help you can buy the correct remote on e-bay. Install the Custom Firmware found on AV forums and access the epg via your PC/Tablet/Smartphone using a webbrowser. There's also remote control not only with the correct buttons but also recordable macros (one button for schedule/red) and channel favourite icons
Just sent the vendor a message, hopefully they will have the correct remote. I think there are 2 custom F/W versions? If so which do you recommend?
Yep, thanks for the info - I'm on with it now, just formatting a USB drive. But I've not been able to find my USB WiFi dongle, I'm assuming it's possible to use a direct LAN connection between the Humax and my router?
OK, it's done, now running Custom FW V4.1.2.

Now to do some exploring and see what this has opened up...
Don't forget Nowsters patch. It records HD without encryption. As a result you can use on of the DLNA server packages to view HD content remotely. Works great to my Nexus 7 tablet.