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HDR fox t 2 lost all settings

Discussion in 'HD/HDR-FOX T2 Customised Firmware' started by damianiw, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. damianiw

    damianiw Member

    Well my HDR fox t 2 was sat with -WIZARD- on the LCD display today, turned on tv to find it going through all the settings as if it was new out the box, everything lost setting wise, LAN, DLNA, FTP, channels

    After doing settings I powered off and back on, still same firmware and custom firmware installed - I have a schedule to disable update.

    Any Ideas how this happened ?

    Going to see if schedules are all gone and if so restore from WebIF
  2. Black Hole

    Black Hole Theloniuos Abbot

    This has happened to me and one or two others, a complete random factory reset. No idea what caused it.
  3. rpb424

    rpb424 Member

    I see from your sig that you running firmware 1.02.27. I (and some others I think) had this issue a couple of times having 'upgraded' to that, and the problem went away when I downgraded to 1.02.20 again. Need to try 1.02.29 at some point soon.
  4. Black Hole

    Black Hole Theloniuos Abbot

    You're right, it does seem to correlate with 1.02.27. Previous discussion HERE (click).
  5. michael.h

    michael.h Member

    Settings Page - Disappearing items

    I am not quite sure when but a number if items have disappeared from my settings page:
    1. Dropbear-SSh
    2. Redring
    3. EPGkeywords, most of the entries and the email facility are missing
    4. Undelete settings

    There may be others I can't remember,

    The tab order in package management has changed, now defaulting to 'Installed' instead of 'Upgrades'
    having selected 'Upgrades' and clicked on 'Upgrade package list from internet' 'Installed items is refreshed instead of 'Upgrades'.
    I may be wrong but I think the tab order has also changed with 'Installed' on the left as the default tab.


    Humax HDR-FOX T2 500GB
    Humax Version: 1.02.28
    Custom firmware version: 2.11
    Web interface version: 0.9.13-8
  6. michael.h

    michael.h Member

    Settings Page Follow up
    I attempted a forced reinstall of the webif-epgkeywords module which failed

    >>> opkg install --force-reinstall webif-epgkeywords
    No packages removed.
    Installing webif-epgkeywords (1.0.1) to root...
    Collected errors:
    * opkg_download_pkg: Package webif-epgkeywords is not available from any configured src.
    * opkg_install_pkg: Failed to download webif-epgkeywords. Perhaps you need to run 'opkg update'?
    * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package webif-epgkeywords.

    However, this resulted in the return of all the other missing items to the settings page.
  7. Ezra Pound

    Ezra Pound Well-Known Member

    The webif-epgkeywords package has been withdrawn, See WiKi link HERE The functionality that was contained in it has now been transferred to the Remote Scheduling Auto package
  8. af123

    af123 Administrator Staff Member

    That does look like you were getting an error from the keywords package which stopped the settings page from showing properly. As Ezra has said, the package isn't maintained any more but I'm not sure why it would start misbehaving if you had it installed.
  9. Ezra Pound

    Ezra Pound Well-Known Member

    I also had items missing from my Web-If Settings screen, it does seem to be related to running webif-epgkeywords, uninstalling this package restored all expected items to the 'settings' screen and also enabled me to see the new screensaver settings (screensaver 0.3 required) for the first time