HDR-FOX T2 as an upscaler?


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Hi all

I'm about to buy one of these but wondered if I plug my VCR / Laserdisc into the SCART will the T2 upscale the signal before outputting to the HDMI? (And is the SCART input RGB or only composite?)

You can certainly record output from the T2 VCR Scart, but I don't think it accepts input. Never tried it.
The SCART is not an input. The HD/HDR-FOX has no circuitry that would allow it to accept analogue video input.

The HDR-FOX is a Freeview/FreeviewHD receiver/recorder. The HD-FOX is a receiver (with recording capability as an add-on). As input they take a UHF aerial feed; as output they have a UHF pass-through, HDMI, SCART (selectable RGB/composite), phono (stereo audio + composite video), and TOS-link (digital audio by optical fibre). As a recorder they can only capture the incoming Freeview data.

All other data handling is purely digital.