HDR-FOX T2 as an upscaler?


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Hi all

I'm about to buy one of these but wondered if I plug my VCR / Laserdisc into the SCART will the T2 upscale the signal before outputting to the HDMI? (And is the SCART input RGB or only composite?)



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You can certainly record output from the T2 VCR Scart, but I don't think it accepts input. Never tried it.

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The SCART is not an input. The HD/HDR-FOX has no circuitry that would allow it to accept analogue video input.

The HDR-FOX is a Freeview/FreeviewHD receiver/recorder. The HD-FOX is a receiver (with recording capability as an add-on). As input they take a UHF aerial feed; as output they have a UHF pass-through, HDMI, SCART (selectable RGB/composite), phono (stereo audio + composite video), and TOS-link (digital audio by optical fibre). As a recorder they can only capture the incoming Freeview data.

All other data handling is purely digital.