HDR-Fox T2 - Cannot access menu

Mark Iveson

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My Mother in law has the above PVR and cannot access the menu or change channels with the remote. The channels can be changed via the buttons on the front of the PVR but there doesn't appear to be a way to access anything other than channels and volume.

I have tried the remote with my Foxsat-HDR and it works perfectly.

I can only assume that the Infrared receiver has packed in but I'm no expert. I'd be grateful of any suggestions, especially if there are ways of accessing the main menu other than via the remote.

Thanks in advance.
Have you seen the "Why Isn't My Remote Control Working?" post?

In addition to what is in that post did the light flash on the PVR button at the top (red) when attempting to use the remote on the HDR-Fox-t2?

Also while attempting to operate the HDR-Fox-t2
"Try holding down the OK and Zero buttons for five seconds, until the PVR light stays on, and see if anything comes up on the screen. If it does, press 1 to reset the input mode."
Hi Luke

I haven't read all the article but will do. The funny thing is that the remote works perfectly with my Foxsat-HDR, so no problems with the actual remote. When using it with the HDR-Fox-T2, the PVR light flashes red when using the buttons.

I'll try the other suggestions and report back.
Hi Luke

I've read the info you suggested and checked everything. I also tried your last suggestion too and the PVR button lit red but nothing came on screen.

Any other ideas?

It's a shame the main menu can't be accessed through the machine, at least we could have got a bit more use out of it. The unit is only 18 months old, which I consider to be pretty poor length of service.
You could install the custom firmware, this would allow you to use a virtual remote control via a pc, tablet, or mobile phone.

Perhaps you should contact Humax, and arrange for repair or replacement, as it should still be under guarantee.
Brian, They've had the PVR for 18 months, are you saying that the guarantee for these is 2 years? Regarding installing firmware, how could I do that as I can't access the menus?

You do not need access to the menus to install custom software (see the relevant link in my signature panel below), but I don't think it is a viable option in your M-i-L's case, particularly when you should be able to get a replacement (yes the manufacturer warranty is 2 years).

A hardware failure is not impossible, but there are other considerations. The 0+OK trick would wake it up if it is for some reason expecting to be on a different control channel. The HDR remote works on the Foxsat, so try the Foxsat remote on the HDR.

Has anything changed in the environment coincident with the failure? Could something be masking the signal by line of sight or by flooding the room with IR? Can you take the Humax somewhere else and try it?
Hi Black Hole

According to MIL, nothing has changed in environment. I have the PVR at my house and same problem. The remote works perfectly on my Foxsat HDR, which surely would point to the Infrared receiver on the PVR?

I've also tried the 0+OK trick, but nothing shows on screen!

I've contacted Humax support and am awaiting a reply.

If anybody has any other suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.

As far as I can see you have done everything you can to confirm the situation. It very much looks like a failure in the IR receiver path.

Don't wait for an email response, they do not have a good track record. Get on the phone.