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HDR FOX-T2 clitch

Discussion in 'HDR-FOX T2 Freeview Recorder' started by Hummy Gav, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Hummy Gav

    Hummy Gav New Member


    I have noticed that my new HDR Fox T2 is a little slower than my 9200T, when I switch channels:confused:

    Its connected by HDMI to a cheap Tesco 19in LCD :rolleyes:
    When I change channels sometimes I hear the sound of the next channel, but the screen goes blue(default blank screen colour of Technika) then the channel pops up.

    It seems that it switches over then for a moment looses the signal hence blue screen.

    I have now noticed that if I change the output to 576p from 576i this problem goes away, the blue screen is the TV switching via hdmi the output settings,so when using 576p there is no delay in switching channels,all very smooth.

    Question is, is 576p worse than 576i for quality???

    It could be just my cheap Tesco TV being at fault, anybody any ideas ??
  2. brianmt

    brianmt Member

    theoretically 576 p is better quality than 576 i so I'd keep it that way . i stands for interlace and really is a hangover from olden times, it was a way to enable analoque signals to be transmitted. All lcd's as well as computer monitors are progressive p not i, so what you are doing is taking an interlaced picture from your hummy and converting it to a p in the TV, hence the momentary switch. So the simple answer keep it p
  3. Hummy Gav

    Hummy Gav New Member

    Many Thanks, I'm generally happy with the T2 and I did get it for a steal at £164 from my local Tesco, some crazy obsolete stock offer, mad I know!:D
  4. brianmt

    brianmt Member

    Wow get me one no make that 2 ! fantastic bargain why does it never happen to me.
    Another question is your area hd yet ? If it is you might as well make the hummy output 720p
  5. Hummy Gav

    Hummy Gav New Member

    Yes It was a crazy price:) , I must say I think my 9200T is better at SD via scart on my old Sony 28in CRT TV.
    Yes we have HD here so when watching that then I output at 720p(on the kitchen 19in LCD), but I find the picture looks more detailed on SD at 576i or p.
    If I had payed £279 I think I may have felt it was too much, In saying that, I need to get a new TV at sometime, just can't make up my mind on LCD,LED or Plasma:confused:
    The BBC HD channel is superb, I just find the Fox a little clitchy at the mo, untill I get used to it and sorry I had the last one, its no longer listed on their website. :eek:
  6. brianmt

    brianmt Member

    A couple of years ago there were many discussions like yours, sd better on 9200 etc, doesn't work on my sharp/sony /panny . I've been lucky my TV an Lg never had any problems from day one. I don't think the think was made with crt's in mind and I'm sure when you do get your new telly you'll see the difference. Biggest problem I have is after 8 or so years using a 9200 the new remote seems a pain getting used to it now though, now get confused when I'm using my 9200 . Can't win !!!
  7. Hummy Gav

    Hummy Gav New Member

    Yes I would agree that the Fox is designed with LCD/Plasmas in mind and not CRT's like the 9200T.
    I think this is why it may possibly have a slightly softer SD output, but then again:confused:
    I have herd about this YouView thing as well, but its way behind schedule.;)
    If the Fox is in the end as reliable as my 9200T, I'll be happy, best £229 i've spent, 6 years old in April and 4 years of support and updates, winner.:D