HDR-Fox t2 crashing when computer on network boots up?

David Howarth

New Member
Hi all I have the HDR Fox T2 which crashes and reboots when one of my computers on my home network boots up. I had custom firmware 2-15 on with many packages. There is no network conflict with addresses all the systems are hardwired 1gig switches. I disconnect the computer off the network and the humax is fine it sees and accesses my other computers after a short period, plays back etc .
Completely stumped Ive reformatted the humax, rtmed it, loaded 2-13 firmware back bur still the same problem . All computers running win7 pro some 64 bit some 32 bit, the (stacker is 64 bit) but is use with win7 media centre to record procgrams, as are all the others. But stacker has 500 gig of music stored and about 5 tbite of flims tv series etc. I feel the only action is a reformat of the stacker. Or is there a limit as to how many files the fox can access?? any advice who be apreciated as i donot fancy a reformat of the computer if possible, as it seems to take forever to set them up just so.

Are you using Twonky on any of your network computers? newer versions are known to cause issues with the Humax.
Apart from Twonky Ver. 7, Cyberlink PowerDVD 11 has also been reported as a causing problems for Humaxs with content share = on
Thanks Ezra Power DvD 11 was the culprit. Now to get the computer back on line, I think it needs to rebuild its libraries. But the Humax no longer crashes.