HDR FOX T2 - Failing to power up from standby

I have bought a hdr-t2 from Humax Direct (refurb)

Firstly I updated the boxes software and installed the custom firmware.

But for some reason the custom firmware is causing the box to fail to come out of standby when left overnight
I Put the unit back to standard software and now it's working fine!

I had the following installed
Transmission (bit torrent)
iPhone web interface

Any ideas what could cause the box to do this?
No idea, but let's refine this a bit for the BYTs.

"fail to come out of standby" - How are you trying to bring it out of standby, and what actually happens? How many times has this happenend? You must have managed to bring it out of standby somehow. How many times have you repeated the same circumstances with the standard firmware?
I was trying to get the box out of standby by remote and front panel. In the end I had to power the unit off by the rear switch.

It's happened 2 out of 3 times with custom firmware and never happened with standard (been fine for a week)
Does it completely refuse to start up, or does it begin and then drop back to standby (the HD-FOX is known to do this sometimes)? Anything on the display?

Sorry for the interrogation, just getting down to the nitty-gritty. You never know where a clue might be lurking. At the moment it sounds like it is failing to complete its shut-down properly. There might be something that can be found in the logs.