HDR-FOX T2 flash memory error

Chris G

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At the weekend I tried updating the firmware on my HDR-FOX T2 for the first time in about a year, to try and get iPlayer working again.

During the update I repeatedly get an error code "E-FE" which according to the firmware error codes on the Wiki means "Flash Memory Fault, Retry or Replace Set Top Box". I've retried the installation several times with the same error code, using a couple of different USB memory sticks. The HDR will no longer start and is now unusable. This makes my family sad.

I suspect this may be a case of "Replace Set Top Box" but before I completely write it off, can anyone confirm whether this is the case, or whether there's anything I could try to recover or repair the machine myself? It's out of warranty, and the price Humax support quoted for repairs make it not worthwhile.

Thanks in advance,
"Flash memory fault" doesn't mean the external device, it means the internal non-volatile store that contains the operating code for the Humax. Bite the bullet and get hold of a Grade A unit while you can.
It could also just be a dodgy firmware file. Double check on the site its for the correct model and redownload it and try flashing again.

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