HDR-Fox T2 Forum - missing posts and stats


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The stats (No. of posts/No. of reads/Last poster etc.) information seems to have gone missing on a lot of threads. Also, there are recent posts missing - not sure how many or whether this also affects other forums. E.g. in the thread "Problem transferring to Ext HDD via USB" there are posts missing. Has the database gone a little wonky?
Hello, what you are seeing are just redirect links. The threads and posts contained within them have been moved to the new HD/HDR-FOX T2 Modified Firmware forum.

If you click on any of these redirects, they will take you to the appropriate thread in the new forum.
Funny, that was my first reaction too - then I realised the dreaded forum split had been implemented!

Will all the existing cross-reference links still work with relocated topics?