HDR-FOX T2 in Sweden


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The second extracted file is probably another HDF - try running Humidify on that one.

Alex M

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Tried this. Indeed, the second extracted file is another HDF - but when I extract that one, the extracted file begins with a lot of zeros. Any suggestions?


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To add something late to the discussion, I did the reverse of this and took a HDR FOX T2 from the UK to Finland.

What works:
Watching UHF TV channels through the antenna on the roof (called DVB-T in Finland).
EPG shows a week's worth of programmes (more on this later though).
Youtube will play some clips (although not everything I find but I don't think this is because the box is in Finland).

What doesn't work:
The tuner is UHF and some channels in Finland are on VHF. Channels like YLE HD can't be received, only the UHF channels (which is the majority and includes YLE1/2, MTV3, Nelonen)
Shows recorded via the EPG initially didn't record at all (manually entering a start/stop time worked). This is because most channels don't transmit CRID in Finland (some minor commercial channels do which is a bit strange since they often ignore most DVB features). Using padding worked ok (even if shows are set from the EPG)
DVB subtitles don't appear, these are used by YLE. Broadcasters like MTV3 and most others burn the subtitles into the picture, so those appear.
EPG in the web interface (after installing custom firmware) is two hours behind. Adjusting the timeszone in the init.d startup file didn't really work. I could not get the timezone to reliably work for everything so left it as is. This doesn't seem a problem though (since via the remote control and TV screen the time and EPG are correct). Setting a schedule using the web interface does record correctly though even though the times appear two hours out.

I did notice the Nordic version of the Humax sold here (BXR-HD+2) but it was almost twice the price I paid and i'm glad I didn't buy one considering how the hardware is crippled compared to the original.