HDR FOX T2 No sound


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I recently purchased the HDR FOX T2 and suddenly the sound has stopped working. The tv and pvr are not on mute and I have checked to ensure the HDMI cable is plugged in firmly.

I have other people report this same issue on other forums but have not seen a proper solution. Please help!


OK, well obviously the most drastic solution is that the box has broken. What do you mean "suddenly"? There one minute and gone the next, or mysteriously wasn't working the next time you tried to use it? I get loss of sound temporarily when I change channel or mode, while the HDMI sorts itself out.

You have checked the mute, but have you checked the HDR's volume isn't at zero? Until you resolve the problem, set the audio preferences to stereo rather than multichannel ( Menu >> Settings >> Preferences >> Audio >> Digital Audio Output ).

To pin down the problem, try another HDMI source into the same TV (to confirm it's not the TV), and try another TV on the Humax (to confirm it is the Humax). Then connect with SCART instead of HDMI.
I get this as a random problem when switching on the box from standby, usual fixed by switching it off (via remote). Occasional the box doesn't have sound or a picture that can only be fixed by a full power reset (switch at back of box)
Do you have any other way of monitoring sound o/p i.e using optical or even scart audio. Reason i ask is maybe it's an HDMI thing with your Sony tv . Could be the hummys ok but not talking to the Sony or just a duff box .
Have been in contact with Humax support on an issue with the exact above description.
Humax support say they've never heard of an issue like this :(
Teacup9095, just in case you are checking this thread still, did you ever resolve it?
Sony TV? We frequently get reports of this kind of thing - it boils down to Sony's interpretation of HDMI being a little different from other manufacturers. Does the HDMI sound come back if (for example) you reboot the Humax?

See HERE (click).
Yes have been on that thread for advice too. Last post there advises me I have a Humax box fault.
It is because I cannot confirm via Humax support that this might well be a compatibility issue, or on the other hand that it is probably a one-off hardware issue on the HDR-T2, that the box will have to go back for a refund.

Disappointed, as this is a truly great PVR in many ways. May get a cheap Tvonics as a stopgap and come back for a Humax Youview once all the dust has settled and there is more real world user feedback on it.
No problem not resolved. However I don't use the HDR-T2 as I now have a YouView (humax) box which has its own little quirks like the screen going purple on startup on occasions which can only be resolved by a power-off cycle
Although this doesn't help anyone, I can confirm that my HDR-Fox T2 is doing exactly the same thing. Every so often, when waking from standby, there's no sound. Only way I've found to fix it is to cycle the mains using the switch on the back.

And yes, it's a Sony TV. This looks like some kind of compatibility issue between the two. Bearing in mind how Sony and Humax will inevitably blame the other, I reckon there's no chance of a fix. :(
Ah v. useful to hear. Perhaps I got our returned box as my refurb :)
And per my earlier comment in similar thread -
.. I was hesitating about the Hummy YouView for just such a reason... having to do a power cycle is a bummer if it's already busy recording something.

My TV is a Sony KDL-40V5810U so maybe there really is something these 2 brands don't like about each other.

I have a Sony KDL-37V5810 and have no problems. What software version is your Sony TV running?
Hi - I had this and solved it for my Panasonic TV by going to the TV Settings and Changed the "HDMI Auto Setting" to "Mode1". I cant believe how many different HDMI settings are hidden in the set up of my Panasonic TV. I hope this works for other people.
This may explain why we have so much trouble reported with HDMI. I have not seen that kind of setting on my TVs, so presumably the "HDMI mode" selection is automatic (no option) and could screw up.
Setting was only available for 2 out of 3 HDMI the third was auto but did select mode 1 - no detail on what this setting actually does.