HDR-FOX T2 Overheating hard disk solution

I guess if that is the case, the chassis alone would be worth it.

Time will tell, but for 99p, it is certainly worth a 'punt'.
Not much. Seems that I left the fan connector off whilst I was poking about this afternoon (well I hope I did anyway):frantic: as I too got the Too Hot message this evening.:(
I have had notification of dispatch. Estimated delivery of Monday 23rd May. He must be making a loss, even if he got them for nothing to begin with. P&P plus his time and effort must total more than 99p.
It does in my book. If I was running a business, I would want to minimise time and maximise profit. I wouldn't want to spend time on a project if that project would not yield a good return. I would find another, more profitable idea to work on.
12V or 5V HDD supply?
It's 12v by the way. I've tested with the WD Green & Seagate ST4000VM 4TB drives the Seagate runs about 28 degrees constantly and the WD 33 degrees. These temperatures are apparently near perfect or probably the same as in your pc
Tried them, work OK, dead quiet on 5V and still shift a relatively high amount of air. He's got quite a few fans etc. for 99p with free P&P.
Excuse my ignorance, I've just recently update the custom firmware on my machine (to 3.13) and this is the first time I've had the sysmon package installed. I was then taken aback when the unit display starting flashing 'too hot' at me, which I understand happens at 50oC (though following the advice here, I've increase this to 60oC), prior to the fan coming on. I have also installed the 'fan' package, but can't immediately see how I run that to change the minimum speed. Do I need to telnet into the Humax and use the CLI? Thanks
Doh, and thanks.
I had bought a second hand HDR-FOX from eBay, which I had put 3.13 onto, and also took the front panel off (as it had been damaged during delivery) to glue it, taking the opportunity to remove the orange film from the display. I did put a number of packages on it, including fan. Having seen it wasn't too difficult to take the box apart to get the film off, I did the same to my existing box, and updated from 3.10 to 3.13. However, as I have now corrected, I hadn't put the fan package on to it.