HDR-Fox T2 TV Portal YouTube Login

Mike Luck

New Member
Hi, Is there any way (with standard, or custom firmware) to enable Login to YouTube in the HDR-Fox T2 TV Portal?

I use Google Play to rent films and would like to be able to play these through my Hummy, but need to sign in to do this & cant see a way to do this. The YouTube API allows it, also Google Picassa uses the same API and allows login in the TV Portal, so should be easily possible. Also it would be nice to get all of my 'watch later' etc lists.

Hope somebody knows a trick to make this possible.
I think you had better have a word with the custom portal guys. We have no means to enter data from the remote, so you would probably have to put your credentials pre-set in a file somewhere (possibly via the WebIF settings).

There is nothing in the standard firmware for this.
I would be interested in this too, mostly to favourite various kids songs etc. At the moment its a pain to enter search string / no favourites etc