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Am thinking of upgrading my 5 yr old 9200 & looking at the humax site I see a 160gb usb - fujitsu xena advertised as an accessory to the HDR fox freeview box.
No other info so I'm wondering - (a) Can I record stuff off the tummy onto the usb to play back later in order to save space? (b) Can I play stuff put on the usb from another source (i.e.: my mac) through the hummy onto my tv?
Am a complete technophobe so simple answers please.
Cheers everyone.
A: yes
B: it depends on the video format, but in principle - yes.
C: 160GB isn't very big, and you are not restricted to USB drives that claim to be an accessory in an attempt to sell old kit at a high price. I have three 500GB drives of various manufacture for this purpose.

For further information see the Things Every... link in my signature panel below, section 12. I don't know what the consequences of using a Mac are, somebody else might comment further. The main issues are likely to be the native video file format used on Macs, and compatibility with the possible disk formats.

Note that you will be able to configure the HDR-FOX to access and play suitable material directly from the Mac across your home network, play some material (StDef recordings) from the HDR-FOX on the Mac across the network, and many more options if you were to decide to install customised firmware on the Humax.
This is probably the same 160GB external HDD that they sold as a bundle with the HD-FOX T2.
You're right, it's displayed on the Humax Direct site as "customers also buy...".

£39 is a bit steep for a 160GB drive though, for example the Tesco web site lists a 320GB Western Digital for £37.50 which would work just as well. I bought my drives (at various times) off-the-shelf at Tesco, watching out for offers (and before the price shot up after the Japanese tsunami). Anyone not in a hurry to buy should be able to pick up a bargain somewhere.
Many thanks for that. Looking on Amazon I see they also do a 'dongle' that can pick up stuff off the wi-fi as well. Brilliant, will be upgrading from my 51/2 yr old 9200.
Strange thing is that Humax themselves don't explain this stuff anywhere, they would sell tons more if they did. I am a big fan but couldn't have got along without the enormous help of website forums such as this and dear old hummy.org. Once again many thanks to you both.

Cheers, John.
(and before the price shot up after the Japanese tsunami).

I think you might find that was the flood sin Thailand ... ;)

I used the 160GB out of my Hummy 9200 with a USB-ATA adapter off eBay and formatted it to FAT32, which allows me to drop a heap of stuff off my HDR-T2 ...