HDR-FOX T2 vs DTR-T2100


I currently have a hdr-t2, but like the idea of simplifying iplays/, ITV player etc access.

Anyone know the main pros and cons for each box?

Also is there any difference between t2100 & t2110 ?

The con of the HDR-FOX is it doesn't have any catch-up other than iPlayer, and doesn't do IPTV. The con of the YouView boxes is that although they do the catch-up services, they don't do anything else very well (or so dispatches here lead us to believe).

Catch-up is for people who can't plan ahead and book recordings, and so much is repeated these days via the +1, +24, and compilation channels there is a damn good chance that if you missed it first time it will be along again soon anyway. The extra facilities of automated perpetual EPG search and schedule, and remote scheduling, available to HDR-FOX (and HD-FOX) owners who have "gone custom", makes recording anything of interest almost foolproof.
Youview and freetime both have remote recording apps. They are far easier to use than rs.
I decided to get a t2100 from eBay £60 as new delivered.
First impressions are very good. No Dnla or USB support but that's not an issue..

I've a chromecast for pushing streaming media to the TV. EPG seems OK, ondemand is simple and seems to work.

I've still got the hdr-t2 and will be keeping it for now.

Also got a t2200 zapper for the bed room for £20 works better than the inbuilt iPlayer on the TV and gives me the HD channels.

So far so good