HDR FOX T2 Web Interface problem


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I seem to have lost the web interface to my FOX T2. I was happily decrypting and shrinking files with it today when I got an error message about currupt headers and lost any access.

I am running on system software 1.02.32 so decided to install the 2.19 custom firmware over it. The installation went smoothly, no errors and the box reports cfw 2.19 when it boots. All I get when I plug the IP address into my browser though is ' Status ...' and a couple of links to Firmware and Webif release notes, no graphics at all, just text. I am obviously linked to the FOX over the network and can ftp and telnet to it OK and I have checked the FOX has full web access so am not sure what's going on. Anyone seen this before or know what's happening before I waste too much time on it ?

p.s. this note was originally posted on the digitalspy forum and it was suggested by Martin Liddle that I post here instead. Thanks in anticipation for your help
I get as far as step 3. The installation via USB stick went fine and the front display says Cust. fw 2.19 as expected. If I browse to the IP address there is obviously a connection as I get links to the wikis for Firmare and Webif as per attached image. No sign of a web interface to the FOX though.


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I'd start by doing a forced reinstall of the web interface. If it doesn't fix it then it might at least provide some hint about what's wrong.

From the command line type:

opkg update

and then

opkg install webif --force-reinstall
I'm confused. Step 3 is the installation from USB. Step 4 is the minimal web interface for downloading the main software from Internet, during which you should see a long report of downloaded and installed packages - did the download proceed or not?
Step 3 completed OK, I did not have a minimal web interface so could not proceed with step 4. ANYWAY, seems that the problem has fixed itself overnight. I left the box in standby overnight as usual and the web interface is now there in full. I have no idea why, I tried soft re-boots and power-downs yesterday with no effect. Thanks all for your help though