HDR Fox T2 Wireless Dongle & Password


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I have purchased an Edimax EW-7711USn Dongle and connected it to my Humax. The installation goes well until I am asked to put in a password. I have indicated the Network Name and the Security Type but when I try to put in the Password I cannot complete the installation. I presume the password is the Wireless Key which is 10 digits long in my case. I am able to put in all the digits except the last one which is 0 (zero). The system will only allow the & sign to be inserted but won't let it continue to allow the zero. Humax have not been able to help out. Any advice will be gratefully accepted. Thanks
I hit a similar problem in that one of the characters in my key isn't on the Humax keyboard, and the string is so long the entry menu times out before I can complete it. I don't understand your issue, but the solution to my problem is to change my key string to something easier (and have to replicate it throughout the network).
When asked for the password the system on the Humax won't let me put the last letter in of the password when using the remote box. I am using the Wireless Key from my BT hub as the password. I am correct in what I am doing to connect the dongle to the hub. Thanks
Yes, I think you are trying to do the right thing but why you can't do it is a mystery which might resolve itself if we could see what was happening.
It must be Christmas as miracles do happen. By some means I seemed to have stumbled on TV Portal and now linked up. After a lot of trial and error I was presented with a different Password interface which was wider than the previous one. It had SMS at the top right corner which I thought was to do with e-mails. Regardless, I was able to fully enter the web key from my router and Hey presto ! I can get BBC iPlayer etc. As I previously mentioned I am using the Edimax EW-7711USn Dongle which I bought from 7Dayshop, but whilst in Maplins yesterday it was going at £27.95. So i got a real bargain from 7Dayshop and even better, I am up and running. Thanks Black Hole for you support.
SMS is an alternative means of data entry by using the number keys in multiples, as you would when texting on a mobile phone. If you were using that interface no wonder you had trouble accessing some characters. The non-SMS interface is a case of selecting a character from the screen by moving th ecursor, but it is still not a full character set.

Glad you're sorted.