HDR-FOX T2 with vertical RF sockets


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I have a second hand HDR Fox T2 coming, and it has vertical RF sockets. I recall reading, quite some time back, that boxes of this ilk could not utilise the CF. I've done some searching in the forums for more up to date info on this, but am getting all sorts coming up, (cooling a vertically placed box for one!) except (so far) further news on this. I'm sure this will have been overcome over the last year or so but, obviously, have to find out for sure, before I think about modding. I don't yet know what official firmware will be coming with it. Can anyone advise please?
You're ok. The only restriction is that you can't use anything based on Humax firmware 1.02.xx or it will not see any channels.
1.03.xx (and CFW based on that) is fine.
I recall reading, quite some time back, that boxes of this ilk could not utilise the CF.
The problem was that, when originally supplied, the RE version was fitted with a new firmware we had no other source for (and it wouldn't work with earlier firmware). Once revised firmware that works with both versions of hardware became available, and af123 was able to incorporate the CF hooks, the problem became a non-problem.

See Things Every... (click) section 1.
Thanks af123 for your speedy response. I am feeeling very reassured now!
hairy_mutley, thank you for the link, I KNEW i'd seen it somewhere, but kept getting drawn away, following links from the search results.
Black Hole, thanks for the explanation, it will also help anyone else who comes along with the same query, which is bound to happen, as these later units start appearing on ebay.
Just to put this one to bed, the HDR T2 arrived safely, did have vertical RF sockets, and came with 1.03.12 Humax firmware.
The new 3.10 CF went safely over the top and everything's looking good. Thanks everyone:)