HDR-Fox turning my TV on without permission

ANdy Bell

New Member
I have a Dell TV connected to my HDR via a SCART lead.

Every morning when I come down stairs my TV is on but the HDR box is off. At around 7.50pm my TV comes on without warning. Now you might think it is my TV, it could be, but if I connect my HDR using the HDMI cable all is happy and the TV does not come on unless I tell it too.

I have changed my SCART lead many times but I still get up in the morning and the TV is on.
It's quite unusual for a modern TV to respond to a SCART signal in that way. I take it there are no relevant settings in the TV menus to disable this behaviour?
You could cut the active signal PIN on the SCART lead, pin 8 IIRC.
I have been through the setting for the TV and there is nothing. Pin 8 you say? I will find another cable before I remove pin 8. Thanks for the tip
Why the heck would you want to connect a HiDef-capable receiver/recorder to a (probably) HiDef-capable TV by SCART??? If it's just a case of not enough HDMI inputs, get an auto-switch box.

SCART pin 8; Function Switch?