HDR-FOXT2 Record 2, watch a 3rd?


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Is it possible to watch a 3rd program or watch a recorded program or watch a streamed file over network or watch a file via usb, Whilst recording 2 other programs? What are the restrictions?

I'm a happy PVR 9200 user (x2).

Thanks very much.
Yes if it's on the same mux.
As for watching a steam or file, it's a different mechanism, so yes.
The only restriction on the watching of 2/3 programs via freeview is because of the tuners. There are only 2.
...and a tuner brings in the whole datastream for that mux, so it is a case of picking out more than one channel out of the same data. Recording two channels simultaneously seems to occupy both tuners regardless of both channels being on the same mux.
Recording two channels from the same mux only requires one tuner, so all channels are available to view using the second tuner.
Thanks. I was hoping you could. As it would have been a backward step in my mind as we all know you can record 2 and play a third with the 9200 or watch a third if on the same mux. I just couldn't see it being mentioned in the blurb for the HDR-FOXT2, like it was with the 9200. Unless I missed it of course!
Also I was interested if it would play files from the network at the same time as the recordings taking place.

Thanks very much.