HDR/GB,Power supply repaired but unit dead


New Member
Hi all, new here & hoping someone may be able to suggest something i can try to save this from the skip (not being a Humax expert) .

I just repaired the PSU on this box for a friend , the receiver had been hit by a lightning strike (in Spain) which took out the PSU. It looks ike it has taken something else out as well on the M/board as even though the PSU is now working (switching chip & other small parts replaced ) & all voltages are correct the box fails to display anythig on the front panel, the standby button has no effect & it ignores the remote.

On applying power, the display lights up but no characters displayed, there's a small click(like a relay pulling in ) about a second or so after switch on (is this normal ?) & the drive spins up but thats all. No video to the screen although the TV recognises the HDMI port has become active. I have disconnected the drive which made no difference & removing tuner/ci board also made no difference.

I have'nt tried talking to it over the ethernet (is that even enabled ?) i did notice i had a light on the port though.

Any ideas anyone ?