HDR goes to semi-on on its own.

I'm finding that my HDR has it's harddisk running and the wifi dongle is flashing when I get up in the morning. I turn it off at night and there are no recordings scheduled overnight. It looks like something is turning the unit on but not turning it back off.

Anyone else seen this?
Could it be a power interruption? I noticed when I was trying to measure the power consumption of the Hummy that when you first plug it in, it will be drawing 20W and exactly as you described. It needs to be turned on and off via the remote to be put into standby (and 0.5W consumption).
I have seen this happen occasionally, more often with my HD model than my HDR, but don't know why. The box does wake up at 04:30 to check for software updates and generate thumbnail files but it usually turns itself off again afterwards.
Is this with custom software? Sounds more like a topic for the general HDR-FOX section.
Yes it has custom software. In fact its had it for months. I was wondering if something in the modified software was turning the unit on doing some processing and then not putting the unit back into standby. I had the beta software that turned the 4:30 update check off installed last week and it was doing it then. I have removed it and also the wireless helper code but it still does it.
How do I see what crons jobs are running, I might see something running over night? Crontab rings a bell but it's been a long time since I worked with Unix/Linux.
The custom firmware has no way of waking the box up from standby (yet)... Any cron jobs only run while it's up for another reason.

(crontab -l)
Crontab shows nothing interesting.
If the only way it can turn on is a timer setting then it must be connected with the Shutoff timer.
What I did last night was turn off the timer that shuts the HDR off at midnight if it is left on. Guess what, it's not semi-on this morning, no flashing wireless and no hard disk running.

Looks like the Shutoff timer will turn the box off if it is on, but will put it on semi-on if it is already off.
Do you have an odd number of sleep/wake up events? I haven't done any proper testing but I think that can confuse the Humax, even if they are set through their on-screen menus!
If the only way it can turn on is a timer setting then it must be connected with the Shutoff timer.
It will also turn (partially?) on in the night for a software update check; there have been previous reports of this going wrong and leaving the box in a slightly confused state.
I had it going wrong with the 4:30 software update disabled last week so it wasn't that. I'll try putting an OFF timer on my wife's HDR which has no special software and see if it does the same thing.