HDR Problems


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Hi all,

I've had a HDR-FOX Freeview for around 12 months. For a while it was fine, then I had a problem or two and discovered/installed the custom firmware (delete loop problem).

In the earlier days, I'd get a problem where SD channels were badly pixelating but the HD ones would be OK.

More recently, probably since Christmas, it's been freezing, crashing, rebooting more and more. I'm beginning to think it may be overheating. When it freezes, it's "warm" on the top and "really, quite warm" underneath. It's on a glass shelf beneath the TV. Now, I guess that "warm" is to be expected and it's hard to quantify just how warm it gets but it does seem to happen more often when I'm recording and watching at the same time.

It's probably too generic a problem but does this give any clues to anyone? I wondered if it coudl be power supply or similar?

Any suggestions appreciated!


Since you have custom firmware installed, you could install the sysmon package, which can provide a chart of the temperature the HDD reports. You may also be able to hear the cooling fan - normally it turns on and off, going through a series of "gears". If the fan spends all its time at full blast, clearly there must be a heat problem.

Equally if the fan never comes on at all, a fault could be leading to overheating.

It's usually HiDef channels which have difficulty, not StDef.
You can compare your Sysmon display with this graph generated from sysmon data, also have a look at Web-If >> diagnostics >> Hard Disk >> Attributes >> ID = 194 >> Worst, If this 'worst' figure is above 60 Deg. C then your hard drive and the Humax as a whole has got too hot

Note:- the first 13 or so readings are the Humax warming up from cold
Thanks, I just checked the diagnostic and it's 61. I also can't hear the fan so it looks like this may be the problem.

It just crashed again this evening, I was watching/chasing a programme being recorded and it froze. I saw a post about mod'ing the fan power from the rear USB, I'll see if I can find more details on this unless there's a better/easier way.

Thanks again for the replies, much appreciated!

There are a few short term things you can try, it has been reported that standing the Humax vertically increases air flow to the point where the fan is rarely required, (if this is practical), also removing the 3 rear screws and wedging the case open a little helps
Thanks again,

it's going to be warm again this weekend, I have a bit to record and catch up on so I'll give the open case thing a try.

The box is over a year old now so I think it's out of warranty. I'll look at rigging some kind of fan off the rear usb port and see how that goes.

I'll report back if I come up with a good solution.